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WHY ART ? ? ? ?

  • In any environment (corporate or residential), blank walls make a cold, negative statement. Through the utilization of art, we are able to present a warm, positive image of you and/or your company.

  • Everything in your office or home makes a statement. In a business environment your art should say: "We're reliable! We're innovative and progressive". Or perhaps, "We're here to stay".

  • To accomplish this goal doesn't mean you must invest in a museum quality collection (although that service is certainly available from ARTicles). Your purpose may be accomplished through the utilization of the broad spectrum of artists and mediums that are available on the market today at a wide variety of prices.

  • ART should coordinate and enhance your interiors. Properly presented, ART will reflect the goals, interest and unique personality of the buyer.

WHY ARTicles ? ? ? ?

  • UP TO DATE - COLORS, ARTISTS, and MEDIUMS. Our goal is to attend six major art shows annually - two international and four domestic. This keeps us informed on the broad spectrum of artists on the market today. With this knowledge, we are able to effectively coordinate your needs (or wants) with the work of a compatible artist.

  • LARGE INVENTORY. If we don't have it in stock, we know where to get it! This saves you time, and time is money.

  • PROJECT FLEXIBILITY. We will coordinate a single room or an entire complex. Whether you need 1 piece or 1000, ARTicles is capable of meeting your need. Our clients include fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.

  • WE WORK BY APPOINTMENT. This assures you of our uninterrupted undivided attention. We have found communication is the key to a successful project. We carefully listen to your needs and desires. Combining your input with our professional expertise enables us to provide art that accomplishes your goals.

  • FREE CONSULTATION SERVICES at your location or ours.

  • ALWAYS ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Whether your budget includes posters, originals or anything in between; given a realistic budget, your goals will be accomplished.

The Omaha Riverfront series by nationally recognized maritime artist Michael Blaser.

Each piece is architecturally and historically accurate. The three piece series showing 150 years of Omaha's history was commissioned by ARTicles Gallery.

Available in limited edition, signed and numbered prints and original artist's signed and numbered (edition of 25) gilcees on canvas.

Omaha Riverfront 2008 by Michael Blaser Omaha Summer 1941 by Michael Blaser
Omaha Riverfront 1873 by Michael Blaser